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Cara Gallagher is a Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant. Modern, unique and fun wedding ceremonies delivered with style.

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Brides Name
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Grooms Name
Is the bride making an entrance?
Do you want to have a parental blessing/ blessing by children? (Nice way to include other family members)
Do you want to recognise any specific groups of family and friends?
Do you want to recognise departed family and friends?
Do you want to recognise Aboriginal elders?
eg. "We would like to acknowledge the Bunjalung people who are the traditional custodians of this land. They would also like to pay respect to the Elders, both past and present, of the Bunjalung Nation."
Please include details below.
Please list the person's name, relationship to you and the poem or reading they will recite below:
Would you like to write ’10 things you love about each other’?
This is a great way to tailor the ceremony to you. If you do want to do this, please complete your lists separately and email them to me at - it's much nicer if you are each hearing the list for the first time in the ceremony.
Do you want to acknowledge same sex marriage rights?
The definition of marriage in Australia is that it is between a man and a woman. This definition obviously excludes Gay and Lesbian couples and can be hurtful to hear. If you have gay and lesbian guests at your ceremony, an easy way to show you support them, is to say this sentence after the definition: "however, Bride and Groom look forward to the day when this is a right which any couple can share."
Will you include the Asking? This is how you say ‘I do’.
In the First Draft, I will include samples which you can select from, or be inspired by to write you own vows.
Are you exchanging rings?
eg Best man, a child. Any other information you want to let me know about the rings.
Would you like to include a community vow?
This is where you ask your guests to make a vow to support you as a married couple.
Lighting Candles. Sharing wine. Exchanging gifts. Exchange of garlands. Hand fasting.
These are the people who will sign the registry and marriage certificates. You need to pick two adults over the age of 18.
(just a couple of sentences to help close the ceremony – what's next...)
Is the Bride changing her name? (for announcement)
For example, where is the reception and what time does it start? Are there refreshments or a meal?
Do you want to direct guests to stay in area for group photo?
Do you want to ask immediate family to be in photos?
Are you making an exit up an aisle as a couple?
(It's always nice if your ceremony space allows for this.)
Are you having live music in your ceremony?
If no, need to make ipod playlists for music for entrance, signing, before and after ceremony.
Pop them in below. :)